Friday, 3 December 2010

Zazzle Christmas 2!

It's a Friday evening. There's a log fire going in the fireplace, snow on the ground outside, and I've started my Christmas shopping this week! Getting things for my sisters is still proving to be difficult, so I returned to Zazzle for a little inspiration.

The thing with girls is, we carry around a lot of stuff. Purse, make up, phone, keys, spare keys, a pocket diary, a pen, packet of tissues, a book, and anything else that we might need during the day. And for girls that are at school it's even worse because they have to take school books with them too, and PE kits. So a nice tote bag to help carrying all this stuff is always welcome.

Girls Cutie Pie Bag bag
Girls Cutie Pie Bag by E_MotionStudio
Create a bag at

This lovely bright "Cutie Pie" bag is from the shop of E_MotionStudio. They have got some lovely items in their shop, including gifts for the family pet, and some simply fabulous "Princess" hats for the special woman in your life.

Happy shopping!