Thursday, 18 November 2010

Zazzle Christmas!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, etc etc. Except we don’t eat goose, we have turkey in my family! And actually for me the big thing in the approach to Christmas isn’t the chubbifying of any animals, it’s the gift buying.

In theory using the internet should make Christmas shopping so much easier. But it doesn’t, because two of the people I’m buying for are older children/young teenagers, one is eleven and the other is thirteen. What on earth do you buy a 13 year old girl? She has tons of make up, she got a load of fashion books for her birthday, she really doesn’t need any more clothes, I am tearing my hair out!!

And I know that plenty of you will be having this problem too so I asked the good sellers at Zazzle for a little help and inspiration!

Here today we have the shop of Funcards. It specialises in personalised gifts, from bookmarks to iPad cases, with original artwork and photography.

I love the colours on this folder. Perfect for the little writer in your household as a place to keep all their musings. And because it is customisable you can change the name from “Tamara” to that of the receiver, and you do not even need to keep the “poems” bit either! It can be artwork, homework, postcards, anything they do or collect!

More will be coming so stay tuned for more gift ideas!

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