Monday, 12 July 2010

Zazzle Monday!

Good morning! It’s Monday and that means we are back to the beginning of the week. I hope everyone had fun weekends!

Today I’ve picked something for the ancient Greek world. Even if you don’t know anything about ancient Greece there are still a few names that should be familiar to you, such as Homer. Nowadays most people know the name through the infamous “Homer Simpson”. But to students of the ancient world Homer was a blind poet who composed two epic poems; The Iliad, which covered several days of the ten year Trojan War, and the Odyssey which covered the journey of the king Odysseus as he tried to get home after the war.

Greek students are required to read both books as part of their studies, although they tend to read one of the many English translations unless they’re studying the Greek language. Those that read it in the Greek can now read it whenever they have a cup of tea, thanks to this mug!

On one side this mug has “Iliad Book 1, 1-23” (1-23 refers to the lines) and then on the other side it has the passage written in ancient Greek! This mug is in the shop of googolperplexd who has lots of “nerd products” in their shop (their words, not mine XD) including t-shirts and mousemats!

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